Adore You Piano Sheet Music

In this post I’ll break down a nice version of Adore You piano sheet music.

In particular I’ll point out some interesting features of the intro, verse and chorus.

You can get a copy of the sheet music here:

Adore You

But before we look at the sheet music, I’ll explain a bit of background…

Adore You is a song by Harry Styles. After release, it was described as a pop, funk, disco and pop rock song in press reviews. Boy, what a mouth full. Quite a mix of genres and styles.

The lyrics are about wanting to love someone. Which is the type of theme you’d expect from Harry.

And it’s in the key of C minor. Do you know what chords we can expect to see when a song is in the key of C minor?

If not you’ll find out in just a few paragraphs…

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Intro

Below you’ll see how this particular version of piano sheet music approaches the intro.

And if I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say:


Straighforward, because it’s a simple melody in the right hand and block chords (triads) in the left hand.

The chord progression is as follows (I’ve linked to the chords we have covered on this site, just in case you’re interested in learning more about them).
C minor

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Intro (first 4 bars)

Adore You Piano Sheet Music - Intro (first 4 bars)

Don’t forget to click the play button to hear what the sheet music snippet sounds like. It’s not the best piano sound but I think it does the job.

Anyway, there’s not much more to say about the intro. So let’s move onto the next part…

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Verse

The verse is different, when compared to the intro.

I was expecting do see triads continue in the left hand.

But they don’t.

Rather than using full triads, it only uses two note chords.

Which don’t sound as full as the triads, but they are effective. And easier to sight read which is a bonus. Take a look and listen just below.

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Verse (first 4 bars)

Adore You Piano Sheet Music - Verse (first 4 bars)

Now, the 16th notes pose a bit of a challenge. Especially for all the beginner piano players out there. So be sure to practice slowly with a consistent tempo, if you find it difficult to begin with, and I’m sure you’ll pick it up in no time.


Let’s move onto the chorus, and after that, I can relax…

I have done a lot of parenting stuff today. I took my son (he will be one year old next week) to his swimming lesson. I entertained him during the day. And today was bath day too.

Bath day used to be fun. But now it’s stressful. I mean he loves the bath part. But when it comes time to take him out, dry him off and dress him, well he’s really starting to object to that part.

Think lots of kicking and screaming.

Anyway… back to the piano:

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Chorus

The chorus different too.

Here, things get a bit more complicated.

First of all the melody rhythim is not straightforward. There’s a real mix of 16th notes, 8th notes, doted 8th notes etc.

So definitely take it slowly to begin with.

And the left hand is playing 5th chords with the added octave note.

So this will produce a fuller sound on the piano. Which really adds a nice effect.

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Chorus (first 4 bars)

Adore You Piano Sheet Music - Chorus (first 4 bars)

Adore You Piano Sheet Music – Wrap Up

Yay, we made it.

That’s about all for this post.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Now it’s time to go play Adore You on your own piano.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. You can do that via the Contact page. Or if you have subscribed to Piano Perfecting you can always reply to one of my emails.

Anyway, that’s all from me. Actually, I think I might go have a glass of delicious cold beer.

And I hope you have a lovely day too.