Before You Go Piano Sheet Music

In this post we discuss a copy of Before You Go piano sheet music.

The copy we’re using is available at musescore.com. Here’s the link:

Before You Go

If you haven’t heard of musescore.com, it’s a great website where you can access a huge amount of piano sheet music for a yearly subscription. About 50USD for the full year.

Anyway let’s take a quick look at this particular version of Before You Go…

Before You Go Piano Sheet Music – Openning

You can see the openning just below. And you can hear what it sounds like by clicking the play button.

The first thing to note is that this sheet music is aimed at beginner piano players. Both the left and right hand are only playing single notes at a time.

It’s simple, but I think it sounds quite good.

Before You Go – Openning

Before You Go Piano Sheet Music - Openning

Now let’s move onto the chorus.

Before You Go Piano Sheet Music – Chorus

The chorus gets a little more complicated. Well, the left hand does with the eighth note flurries.

But even if you are new to piano, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of.

Before You Go – Chorus

Before You Go Piano Sheet Music - Chorus

Now, just quickly, I’ll point out some of the music theory of the song:

Before You Go is in the key of Eb Major.

And the chords which come from the Eb Major scale are:

I – Eb Major

ii – F minor

iii – G minor

IV – Ab major

V – Bb major

vi – C minor

vii(dim) – D diminished

If you look at the sheet music above, you’ll see the notes played by the left hand are: Eb, Bb, C, A.

They’re just single notes, but you can think of them as chords ie if you were going to make this sheet music a little more complex, one way would be to directly replace the notes played in each bar with the chord of the same name.

And chord progression Eb Bb C A in number notation is I V vi IV.

I V vi IV is a very common chord progression in pop music.

Before You Go Piano Sheet Music – Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this post.

I’m planning to add to it in the future. Especially to explain the theory with more examples.

And I would also like to add some tips for anyone wanting to take the first steps in arranging their own piano sheet music.

If that type of thing is of interest to you, then please subscribe to the mailing list below, and I’ll keep you updated.

But for now, be sure to get some piano practice in today.