Kahoot Piano Sheet Music

Kahoot is a lot of fun to play on piano. If you are looking for a copy of the sheet music you can get it here: Kahoot sheet music.

In this post I have a few tips on how to learn the piece quickly. One thing I’m really interested in is how to learn pieces as quickly as possible. So keep reading if you are interested.

But before we get to that, here’s a bit of motivation of the Kahoot kind:

Kahoot Piano Sheet Music - Intro

I love it!

Kahoot Piano Sheet Music – Fast Learning

To fast learn this piece I recommend beginning from the last line, and working your way backwards, line by line, until you reach the first line. This approach has a cool psychological effect in that each time you practice, you can at least play to the end of the piece.

Also, you get really good at the end. So by the time you reach the beginning, you should be able to play the second half like a brilliant concert pianist.

Now, you can see the last line just below. But before you dive right in and start practicing, you should spend a few moments doing a quick analysis of what you see. Let’s do that now:

Kahoot Piano Sheet Music - Last Line

So I can see…

In the first and third bar, the left and right hands are doing almost the same thing, but at different spots on the piano.

Then in the second and fourth bars, it’s only the right hand playing, and only two-note chords. Which is easy, as far as piano chords go.

Usually, I would recommend doing a harmonic analysis. But in this case, there isn’t too much happening harmonically. Not that I can see anyway.

After the quick analysis, it is time to sit at your piano and practice the last line until you get it sounding something like this:

Kahoot Piano Sheet Music – Last Line – Full Tempo

Everyone is on their own piano journey, so if it’s really difficult for you to play right away hands together, start off by practicing hands separately. Then play hands together when you feel ready.

After this, you can repeat the whole process on the second last line.

Then the third last line.

And so on.

Until, finally, you can add Kahoot to your piano repertoire.

Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this post, and go on to learn Kahoot yourself. Like I mentioned earlier, it really is a fun song to play on the piano.

And I hope this post helps you blaze through the learning process, no matter which version of sheet music you decide to get.

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And that’s about all from me.

Happy piano practicing!