Turkish March Piano Sheet Music

I found this great version of Turkish March piano sheet music the other day: Turkish March

Below I’ll share some tips on how to learn the piece as quickly as possible…

But first I want to point out that this version has been typeset using software called LilyPond.

Produced By LilyPond

LilyPond focuses on producing the highest-quality sheet music possible. Basically, you enter the note details, and LilyPond takes care of things like spacing, how many bars are on each line, etc.

The whole aim is to produce beautiful sheet music.

Below is the first line of the sheet music. What do you think? Is it beautiful?

I have to admit, I think it’s quite nice, as far as sheet music goes.

Turkish March Piano Sheet Music - First Line

Anyway, let’s move onto how you can learn the whole piece as quickly and effectively as possible.

Tips For Learning The Turkish March

Firstly, make sure you use a metronome. That will help with a piece like this. Start slow and gradually build the tempo.

Now, let’s start with the end of the piece… If you’re using the lovely LilyPond generated Turkish March piano sheet music, it looks like this:

Turkish March Piano Sheet Music - Ending

And sounds like this:

But that may be difficult to tackle all in one go. So make sure you slow down the tempo and work on hands separately. First the right hand:

Turkish March Piano Sheet Music - Ending - Right Hand

Now, repeat, repeat, repeat… until you can play it perfectly at the slower tempo. Then try the left hand by itself:

Turkish March Piano Sheet Music - Ending - Left Hand
Then once you can play that perfectly, put both hands together and play this section at the slower tempo:
Turkish March Piano Sheet Music - Ending
And slowly work the tempo up to the final tempo.

And once that’s all done, repeat the whole process for the section just before the ending – slow tempo, hands separate, then hands together at the slow tempo, then working the tempo up to the final tempo.

Then combine the two sections.

Then repeat this process until you cover the whole piece.


Turkish March Piano Sheet Music – Wrap Up

Thanks for reading. I highly recommend the version of Turkish March sheet music I linked above. It really is nicely formated and uses a nice font.

And I hope the process I described above helps you learn it quickly. It really is a lovely piano piece and I’m sure that with a bit of practice you will be able to play it very well.

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Anyway, that’s all from me.

Talk soon (I hope).