Wet Hands Piano Sheet Music

This is the best version of Wet Hands piano sheet music I could find online: Wet Hands

Why is it the best?

Well, first of all, let’s listen to the intro:

Wet Hands Piano Intro

Wet Hands Piano Sheet Music Intro

Doesn’t it sound great? And it’s so simple too… just an arpeggiated A(9) chord followed by an arpeggiated Dmaj9 chord.

Now, I’ll quickly mention what I like about this particular version of the sheet music.

Wet Hands Piano Sheet Music – Highlights

First of all, this version is spaced out really well, which makes it easy to read. Nothing worse than when they try to cram as much music as they can into as little space as possible.

Here’s an image of the first page so you get a feel for the spacing:

Wet Hands Piano Sheet Music - Spacing

Secondly, the chord names are written above each bar / chord change. If you don’t know your chords, this can be a big help. In this case, A fun little exercise would be to sit at the piano and play the chords only.

It can even help when your starting to venture into piano improvisation.

The final thing I like about this sheet music is that the music sounds really true to the original Wet Hands. I think it is exactly the same but I can’t say that with 100% certainty.

It really is lovely music though.

My Favorite Two Bars

It’s a tough call, but if I had to pick my favorite two bars out of the whole sheet music, it would be these:

Wet Hands Piano Sheet Music - Favorite Two Bars

I love the change to that Bm9 chord, and the melody is really lovely.

Wet Hands Piano Sheet Music – Wrap Up

Anyway, that’s about all for this short post.

I hope you do go on to learn Wet Hands for yourself. Even if you don’t use the version of sheet music above, I’m sure you will have fun learning it.

I remember getting my copy of the sheet music, sitting at my piano, and just having a really pleasant afternoon.

So I hope you do too.

And if you wanted to learn a bit more about the song itself, this is an in-depth article:

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