Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music

I found this copy of Wii Theme piano sheet music the other day: Wii Theme

And in this post, I’ll try to help you learn it as quickly as possible.

But first, listen to this… What a fun piano piece:

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Intro

Learning Wii Theme on Piano… Fast

The first thing to do is take the sheet music and look at the last line. That’s where we’ll start…

Starting with the last line and working backward is a technique that can help speed up the learning process. I think it works because each time you practice, you get to finish the piece off. Which can be much more satisfying.

Anyway, before you begin playing the piece, take a few moments and quickly analyze what you see. I know everyone is at different levels, but no matter what your piano experience is, it’s worth trying to notice as much as possible.

For example, at a very basic level, you can see notes in both the left and right hand. The right hand plays mostly single notes at a time, while the left hand plays a lot of two-note chords.

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music – Last Line

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line

Now, if you dive a little deeper into the sheet music above, you may try to quickly analyze what is happening harmonically. Getting good at this can really help you learn pieces quickly.

I’ll break it apart for the first bar, which will take some time below. Please don’t get discouraged if it’s really hard to understand. It’s a topic that definitely takes a bit of time and thought before it sinks in.

Let’s isolate the first bar. And I’ll slow the tempo right down too.

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - First Bar

Now the first chord has the notes G# and C# in it. We’ll take the G# as the root of the chord, because it’s the lowest note and there’s no indication that the chord would be an inversion. Unfortunately, C# isn’t in any major or minor or diminished G# chord. So this leads me to think it is a suspended chord i.e. G#sus chord.

G#sus chord has the notes G#,C#,D#.

So I’ll add the D# into the above bar and make sure it sounds correct.

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - First Bar - G#sus

This sounds good to me. What I listen out for is whether or not the chord sounds out of place. If it sounds out of place, I probably got it wrong.

Moving on, the second chord has the notes D# and B. These two notes are part of the B major chord. The only note missing is the F# so I’ll add it in, and again make sure it sounds correct.

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - First Bar - G#sus, B

The next chord is interesting. You could think of it as outlining a C#Maj7 chord. But the next note is a C#. So I would consider the B# a passing note. This means I think of the group of 4 notes simply as a C chord. It’s probably easier to see what I mean when looking at the sheet music:

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - First Bar - G#sus, B, C

After that we have an A# note between two C notes. So I would say this chord is a C6 chord. This means our final chord progression is G#sus – B – C – C6:

Wii Theme – Bar 22 – Chordified

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - First Bar - G#sus, B, C, C6

Here’s the original again, just so you can compare the two more easily.

Wii Theme – Bar 22 – Original Sheet Music

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - First Bar

Now I have to admit, I don’t usually do this type of thing for a whole piece. But while I’m at the piano, I enjoy spending a few minutes working out the harmony for a few bars.

My piano teacher is extremely good at it. He can basically name the chords as he goes. It’s a skill I definitely want to develop as I think it all ties into being a better all-round piano player.

After a quick analysis of the sheet music it’s time to sit at the piano and practice that last line. Depending on your sight reading ability, you may want to practice hands separately before practicing hands together.

But eventually, you should have the last line sounding something like this:

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music - Last Line

Then you would repeat the whole process for the second last line.

And so on, working your way back, until you can play the whole piece from start to finish.

Wii Theme Piano Sheet Music – Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed this little look into the Wii Theme piano sheet music and how you could learn it quickly.

I also hope you enjoyed the detour into the harmonic analysis. I’m still learning this stuff myself and I have to admit, I’m really enjoying it.

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That’s about all for now.

Happy piano playing.