Your Reality Piano Sheet Music

This is a lovely version of Your Reality piano sheet music: Your Reality Piano

And in this post I’ll step through a procedure for how to learn it as quickly and effectively as possible.

Your Reality is the song played at the end of the game Doki Doki Literature Club!, and it’s really fun to play on the piano. I mean, listen to this:

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music - Intro Theme

Now, let’s take a look at the sheet music in more detail and how you might go about learning it… fast!

Fast Learning – Your Reality Piano Sheet Music

We’re actually going to begin by looking at the last line of the sheet music. Don’t get me wrong, I love to play Your Reality in the correct order, but working your way backwards has a really great benefit…

The benefit is that each time you practice, you get to finish the piece. It’s not like you’re practicing away, then you make it to a gripping part of the song, and then can’t continue because you haven’t learned any further.

So that’s the why… now we’ll get into the details of the how…

And instead of taking the whole last line together, we’ll start with the right hand. The sheet music for the right-hand part is shown below.

But before jumping right in and playing it, take a few moments to quickly analyze the music.

Notice the first two bars are played an octave higher than written. And there’s a ritardando marking on the second bar (which means to slow the tempo down). Also, the first note is an acciaccatura (which is played quickly and softly, leading into the main G note).

After a quick sheet music analysis, it’s time to practice what you see, on the piano. It should sound something like this when you get it up to speed:

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music – Last Line – Right Hand

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - Right Hand

After the right-hand part is sorted, it’s time to go through a similar procedure with the left hand. The sheet music is shown below. Is there anything you notice about it?

For me, I see that there’s an interesting rhythm in the first two bars. And it looks like there are two arpeggiated chords per bar. Can you work out what they are?

I’m not going to work it out here, but I stepped through the process I would use in my Your Lie In April Piano Sheet Music post.

Anyway, after the quick analysis, it would be time to practice it until it sounds something like this:

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music – Last Line – Left Hand

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - Left Hand

Sounds cool right?

Finally, it shouldn’t take too much work to put the hands together, and play the last line of Yuri On Ice:

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music – Last Line – Hands Together

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music - Last Line - Hands Together

The next step/s would be to go through the whole process for the second last line.

Then the third last line.

And so on.

Now, it may seem tedious to step through the learning process like this, but it’s worth trying it out if you haven’t done so before. Because it really is an effective way to learn a new piece of sheet music, from start to finish… well, in this case, finish to start.

Your Reality Piano Sheet Music – Summary

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some value in it.

Your Reality really is a lovely piece to play on the piano. And I hope there’s enough detail in the examples I provided above so that you can continue the process yourself.

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Anyway, that’s about all from me.

Happy piano playing.