Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music

This is the best version of Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music I found online: Yuri On Ice

And in this post, I’ll try to help you (if you want to of course) learn it as fast as possible.

It’s such a fun song. I’m sure anyone would enjoy learning it.

Fast Learning The Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music

Now, if you want to learn it fast, here’s something I recommend trying:

First, start with the last line of the sheet music. It’s shown just below. But before you play anything on the piano, see how much you can take in. What can you notice about it?

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music - Last Line

For example, F is the lowest note in the right hand. F is also the lowest note in the left hand, a couple of octaves down. Also, there’s a crescendo in the second bar. And the final chord is forte.

In terms of harmony, it’s a little strange, as there are no chords clearly jumping out in the first three bars. But the lowest note is C and it’s repeated 6 times every bar. Another thing to note is that the final chord is an F major chord. So I would say that the first three bars are C major, which then resolves to F major, in the last bar. I hope that makes sense.

We have posts on these two chords if you’d like to learn more about them:

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Anyway, after a quick analysis, it’s time to make some music. Some Yuri On Ice piano music! Depending on your ability, you may have to practice hands separately before playing hands together. Also, you may have to start with a slow tempo and work your way up. But eventually, it should sound something like this:

Now it’s time to leave the last line and take a look at…

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music – Second Last Line

The second last line causes me problems.

But before we get to that, the sheet music is shown below. In theory, you would repeat the whole process again with this line. And once you can play it well, you practice playing through the last two lines until you can play that whole section together.

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music - Second Last Line


As I was looking at the above sheet music, I realized that the harmony isn’t really straightforward for me to work out, in particular the last two bars. I’m currently learning about harmony so I thought it may be fun to show you how I would go about working it out for each bar.

Here we go…

The first bar looks like C major, because of the chord played in the left hand. So I will replace that with the C major chord, and it shouldn’t really change the music much. Click play above and below to compare the two, and see what you think.

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music - Second Last Line - C Chord

It’s pretty similar right?

Moving on to the second bar, there’s not much there in terms of choosing a harmony. Not for me anyway.

But the first thing which jumps out to me is splitting the bar into two chords. A D minor chord and a C major chord. I choose these chords based on the notes played in the left hand: D note = D (minor) chord, C note = C chord. Let’s see if that works…

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music - Second Last Line - D Chord C Chord

Yeah I think it works.

But now it’s time for the tricky bars. I say they’re tricky because I’m not sure what the chord in the left hand is off the top of my head. If the F note was an E note it would be easy… a C chord. Let’s try that and see what it sounds like.

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music - Second Last Line - C Chord 3rd Bar

I think it’s ok, but has kind of lost a bit of the character, when compared with the original. So I’m not happy with the C chord there. It could also be an Fadd9 chord. So let’s try that out.

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music - Second Last Line - Fadd9 Chord 3rd Bar

I think that’s much better. So harmonically I would say the second last line goes C, Dm, C, Fadd9. I hope that makes sense. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m still learning about harmony, but I find it really interesting.

Yuri On Ice Piano Sheet Music – Wrap Up

That’s about all for this post. I hope you enjoyed it and found some value in it.

And I hope you go on to learn and play this music on your own piano. Even if it’s not the version I recommend above, it is a beautiful song, and well worth learning.

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